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Express your style with our spiritually inspired, wearable charms. 

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Zodiac rings, mythology symbols

Zodiac rings

Ra, god, egyptian god, egyptian mythology

Ra earrings

silk scarf, phoenix, east asia mythology

Silk scarf

Rings, chinese luck symbols, symbols

Luck symbol rings

Necklace, fan, sensu

Sensu necklace

Apple watch charms, charms, greek mythology

Apple watch charms



Gaia & Co.'s journey in creating authentic designer jewelry started in 2021. Our signature jewelries include but not limited to charms customized specifically for Apple watches. Gaia & Co. jewelry is all handcrafted with high quality enduring materials. Our jewelries are made of sterling silver, plated with a layer of 18K gold to get rose and yellow gold shades. We also make our products from 14K and 18K Gold.

Whether you're all about classics or you prefer cutting edge jewelry, Gaia & Co. is right here to highlight your uniqueness. We know no limits in expressing our customers' style with our spiritually inspired charms. 

925 silver

plated with 18K gold

14K or !8K gold



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