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Egyptology collection

We combined ancient Egyptian astrology with the zodiac signs that we all know and created 37 different rings. Our rings are made of natural stones and the zodiac sign on the top is from sterling silver plated with gold. However you can order your zodiac sign from 14K or 18K gold as well. Egyptology collection also includes necklaces with the same zodiac models. 


Ring sample

Price for silver: 65 azn

Price for gold: 180 azn

Necklace sample

Price for silver: 95 azn

Price for gold: 350 - 400 azn


Apple Watch charms

Prices for silver:

Ra - 43 azn

Scarab - 43 azn

Nefertem - 38 azn

Eye of Horus - 35 azn

Pyramid of Giza - 35 azn

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